Karson, the Stock Wiz Kid, started trading with his father when he was just 12 years old.  He set up his own trading LLC at only 16 and made his first fortune in the stock market by age 17.  He lost his first fortune in the Nasdaq bubble burst but successfully built up a second account from a mere $2,500 to over $100,000 in the options markets before turning 20.  He started to educate others on how to trade when he was 22 and has enjoyed helping others so much that he created his own subscription service, Stock Wiz Kid.   He has over 18 years of real world trading experience and is dedicated to helping others become the best traders that they can be.  His teaching methods can help beginner traders to advanced traders easily learn to make money in today's market by trading options.  He has a contagious personality that makes learning to trade fun and easy to understand and is very committed to his clients and helping others.

Karson is also a devoted family man.  His successful trading career has made it possible for him to spend more of his time doing what he loves most, being a husband and a dad.

Karson is not only passionate about trading, but he is also very dedicated to his health and fitness.  After battling a serious stomach condition, 3 years ago, he began a journey in competing on the hit TV Show Competition American Ninja Warrior.  He is a national finalist and continues to train in hopes of becoming the very first American Ninja Warrior.

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Stock Wiz Kid is a training and education service focused on options trading for both small and large accounts.  All of our education is straight to the point and put in as simple terms as possible to help shorten the learning curve and make it easier to understand.  We believe that as the market evolves, we have to evolve and adapt as traders in order to take full advantage of the situation.  This is why we cover a wide range of strategies so we can do the appropriate trades for the current market conditions.  Becoming a successful options trader doesn't have to be painful, you simply need the right tools and education and Stock Wiz Kid can provide that for you.